Shortcode Usage

GS Dribbble Portfolio’s Shortcode attributes Usage
[gs_dribbble count="6" column="4" theme="gs_drib_theme1"]
Shortcode PHP Usage
<?php echo do_shortcode( '[gs_dribbble]' ); ?>

Template Usage – Add the shortcode anywhere you need to display GS Dribbble Portfolio in template files (header.php, front-page.php, etc.)

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[gs_dribbble count="6" column="4" theme="gs_drib_theme1"]' ); ?>
No.AttributeDefault valueoptionsDescription
1count6Any numberSet number of shots to display
2column3(4 columns)6 (2 columns)
4 (3 columns)
3 (4 columns)
Columns are based on 12 grids Bootstarp, so follow columns value
gs_drib_theme2 gs_drib_theme3 gs_drib_theme4 gs_drib_theme5
Select preferred theme to display Shots